About Rick Beley

About Rick Beley

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Rick Beley has written software for over 20 years, mostly for large enterprise corporations. He is based out of Kennett Square, PA and has worked for his current employer for nearly 14 years.  Most recently, he’s spent time as a development lead on two internal web applications that aggregate data via various API’s.  Rick has also worked with a wide range of products, technologies, and computer languages in his career.  He has also spent time guest writing on various blogs.  A total geek for data and diagrams, he loves to measure, improve, and automate just about anything he can.

Contact Rick

Rick can be found all throughout the internets but Twitter and LinkedIn are your best bets to reach me!

Free Time

That being said, software is not his only love.  Rick enjoys spending his free time on various initiatives.  His first loves are his wife and kids, whom he likes to travel and play a lot of tennis with.  He is an avid Cross-Fitter and is a regular member of a local box, CrossFit Kennett Square for over 2 years.  In addition to fitness activities, Rick likes to play the piano and rarely shies away from a good DIY home project!

Rick and Family
Touring Pittsburgh with the Family
Built-Ins, built and installed by Rick
Heavy Deadlift Day @ CrossFit